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  • High-quality materials: iron chrome aluminium alloy, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, melting temperature: 1400°C / 2550°F inner diameter 3 mm.
  • Variety: includes 8 different coil types and 10 pieces for each type, a total of 80 pieces (alien 0.45ohm、tiger 0.36ohm、hive 0.5ohm、quad 0.36ohm、mix twisted 0.45ohm、fused clapton 0.45ohm、clapton 0.8ohm、twisted 0.8ohm、twisted. 36).
  •  Save time: the use of prefabricated coils not only has the advantage that you save extremely much time, but you will always get a consistently high quality and constant resistors. Save time thanks to the wound wire and easy access to the robust wire.
  • Convenient storage: easy to store and manage. Each has a separate storage box, a box of 10 pieces, a total of 8 boxes, very convenient to carry.
  • Use: prefabricated coils super coils make the job very easier, ideal for well-built, prefabricated coil wires, ideal for radios, DIY electronics products and craft projects, etc.


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